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What exactly is the Race 'n' Roll Ski Training System, and what does it offer?

The Race-n-Roll Ski Training System is a groundbreaking product, featuring a wheel mounting system that can be either permanent or removable, specifically crafted for snow skis and complete with hand brakes. This patented invention (US Patent 10,441,872 B2) enables you to utilize your personal skis on asphalt pavement, creating the Race-n-Roll Ski Training System. This innovative system not only teaches you how to ski but also imparts a comprehensive understanding of skiing mechanics, facilitating year-round learning and training, free from the constraints of cold weather or the need for a traditional ski resort. Additionally, parents can introduce their kids to skiing from an early age, providing a platform for year-round training and skill development.

Committed race skiers typically dedicate over 70 days per year to training, but it is challenging to train in locations without access to traditional ski resorts. The Race-n-Roll system focuses on specific training goals, enhancing edge engagement for initiating turns, achieving proper separation of the upper and lower body, and effective pressure management. With the Race-n-Roll system, skiers can maintain level hips and shoulders while expertly tipping the skis. This controlled tipping motion effectively steers the skis individually, allowing pressure to accumulate on the outside ski throughout the turn without the possibility of skidding that occurs on snow.  

The Race-n-Roll Ski Training System clearly emphasizes the importance of proper body positioning for optimal turns. Unlike snow skiing, where skidding is possible, our system reveals habits that consistently lead to speed loss. Current "Roller Ski" products, tailored mostly for cross-country skiing, come with limitations for race training. They require a skating motion to change directions and do not flex or have a mechanism to create a turning arc when you tip the edges. Our products provide a selection between permanent wheel mounts with included skis or removable wheel mounts, suitable for a wide range of skis, including extra-wide options and a cork protection layer that ensures no harm to expensive race skis.

How Do You Stop With Wheels Attached To Your Skis?

The hand brakes are designed for both a complete stop and slowing your descent down the hill. To achieve a full stop, gradually apply both brakes (left and right) with equal pressure. The best way to slow your descent until you are able to make it all of the way down the hill without using the brakes is to alternate pressure with the left and right brakes. While making a left turn slightly apply the right brake and while making a right turn slightly apply the left brake (outside ski). The alternate braking will also help train you to keep the inside half of your body forward while turning. The goal is to not use the hand brakes as you go downhill, but to use turning to slow your speed just as in snow skiing. If you need to stop to avoid an obstacle, straighten your descent and forcefully apply the hand brakes to come to a complete stop.

How did the idea for this product come about?

The genesis of this product was born out of necessity. Residing in Portland, Tennessee, the nearest ski slope is located in Indiana, offering a season that lasts only about 6 to 8 weeks—a limited timeframe for training to become a proficient race skier. We experimented with various roller skis, even importing models from Germany and Australia. Unfortunately, none of them proved suitable for GS or slalom race training, as they all necessitated a skating motion to change directions, akin to cross-country skiing. We identified a gap in the market, realizing there was no product that allowed for arcing with pressure from tipping your skis to create a turn.

What obstacles or hardships did you face while creating this product?

The most challenging aspect of developing this product was navigating the intricate process of testing numerous component setups. Countless hours were dedicated to discovering the optimal combination of performance parts and clearances, ensuring the best feel and a realistic turning action for training. Another obstacle was determining suitable locations to use this product. While beginners can comfortably utilize the product in any city park or parking lot, the challenge intensifies as proficiency improves. For testing our location boasts a road with minimal traffic, measuring 0.8 miles in length with about a 4-degree slope. Additional testing roads nearby included one with a 7-degree slope spanning 1.5 miles, provided suitable testing grounds. The increasing prevalence of city-operated longboard skateboard parks, such as the one in Kamloops, Canada, has also opened up new possibilities. These parks typically offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced downhill trails on asphalt, making them exceptionally well-suited for Race-n-Roll Ski Training.

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