A Portland business going downhill

Posted by Paula Melton Eller The Portland Sun on 1/6/2019 to News

A Portland-based company is changing the look of a popular winter sport.

Race-N-Roll grew out of a passion for downhill skiing. The company makes it possible to train and ski year-round. Founders Kent Davis and son Stanley Kent Davis III (SKIII), a White House high school student, recognized the need for a way to train for downhill when there is no snow nearby. The ninth grader at Christian Community School and his father started the company in 2015 and recently partnered with Stratton DV Imaging in White House to create promotional photos and videos for the company website. “My son ‘SKI’ and I are equal partners in Race-N-Roll. We design, build and test the wheel mounts ourselves,” Kent Davis said. The Race-N-Roll Ski Training System is a removable wheel mounting system for snow skis with hand brakes. It allows snow skiers to practice their skills on any pavement. Roller skis have been around for years and are widely used by cross-country skiers, but the conventional systems could not make turns or slalom. The cost of a complete Race-N-Roll system is $698. The wheel assembly attaches to conventional snow skis and the cork layers protect expensive race skis. There is a patent pending on the system. The Race-N-Roll system is unique in its design. The wheels can turn and tilt much like skis on snow. The wheel assembly allows for the same tipping and edge pressure used to steer skis on downhill and giant slalom runs. Correct body position can be maintained while turning which is vital on snow. “Our first customers have been ski racers who are serious about race training but the wheels are a lot of fun and some customers have actually learned to ski on them,” Kent Davis said. Stanley Kent Davis is a nationally ranked competitive downhill snow skier and a member of both the Paoli Peaks Ski Team and the Louisville Ski Club. When they are not competing, father and son train on the rollers. One of their biggest challenges has been finding a paved long hill for training. They found a road with 1.5-mile hill of seven-degree slope. Longboard skateboard parks also are ideal for the Race-N-Roll system.